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Pioneer Air Conditioners


Pioneer Air Conditioners - Worlds Best Air Conditioning!

Pioneer Pro

The Pioneer Pro employs inverter technology for maximum efficiency and comfort. State of the art technology with an important difference – M60 refrigerant!

M60 is a natural refrigerant that makes the Pioneer PRO the most efficient≈ split system on the market.  Your energy savings will be  as much as 38% compared to the leading brands of imported  air conditioning systems that use synthetic refrigerants.  
But we make it better with a seven-year warranty and optional air purification.  Pioneer is an Australian owned company that has been manufacturing cooling and heating products for over 30 years.  We were the first to offer air purification for those that need to take extra care and we stand behind our products with the leading warranty on the market.

Pioneer Renew Series

Pioneer RENEW enables you to rebuild your existing ducted air conditioning system so that you save money and enjoy the same excellence in engineering. “Rebuilding” means we replace the outside unit so that it runs on M60 refrigerant with all the benefits made available in the Pioneer Pro: lower operating cost, better environmental impact and the safety of a natural refrigerant.  We make minor adjustments to the indoor unit. The result – quick replacement of your existing system and less disruption to your home or business. Better still you save money by avoiding the need to install an entirely new system and you get a far more energy efficient≈ air conditioning system.
Pioneer RENEW will deliver far greater energy efficiency than your existing split system because of the revolutionary performance of M60. So you save money two ways: 1.   Lower energy costs – as much as 40% less than the existing system. 2.   Reduced installation cost because we rebuild your existing system. Better still you are using state of the art technology that is both safer and more efficient.

Pioneer Blade Series - DC Inverter Wall Mounted

Pioneer Blade is the most energy efficient≈ natural refrigerant wall mounted split system air conditioning in Australia. All of the benefits of Pioneer Pro in a wall-mounted system make Pioneer Blade an inexpensive way to cool and heat a single room or space. 
You wouldn’t buy a black and white TV, so why would you buy an obsolete  air conditioner running on HFC refrigerants like R410A and R32.

Pioneer Air Conditioner Brochure

For further informaion regarding how a Pioneer Air Conditioner can be of benefit to your home or your business, Marc can be contacted to discuss your requirements on 0418 816 979 or alternatively email Kresselec for a free quote.



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